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The Clydesdale is a breed of draught horse derived from the farm horses of Clydesdale, Scotland, and named after that region. Although originally one of the smaller breeds of draught horses, it is now a tall breed.

Aswad Shahwan BWA is a rare black Arabian stallion, with extreme rabicano and minimal sabino markings.

Aswad Shahwan BWA (Amir Seralim BWA [Ru Amir Ser x SC Salima] x Sirenas Ellen BWA [Masada El Shahwan x FF Sirena]) 2001 black SE stallion bred by Brandywine Arabians, North Carolina - extreme rabicano and minimal sabino markings

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picture of PJ- Picasso Junior   Patrick Brennan‎       www.blackhatphoto.us    Friends of Picasso- Grand Wild Stallion of Sand Wash Basin

picture of PJ- Picasso Junior Patrick Brennan‎ www.us Friends of Picasso- Grand Wild Stallion of Sand Wash Basin

Magnifique pur sang Français de saut d'obstacle (monté)

An elegant, athletic breed from Germany, it is one of the oldest and most popular of the warmbloods. Hanoverians are highly successful in Olympic-level competition and excel at show jumping.

American Belgian draft stallion. Leggier and  lighter-looking if not always lighter weight, than the classic Brabant. Most are pangaré flaxen chestnut while most European horses are bay and roan. This popular draft breed may have significant Flemish draft horse heritage. The Flemish horse is another Belgian draft breed that is flaxen chestnut and leggy. photo: Mark Barrett.

Belgian Draft Horse (Brabant) stallion - among the strongest of the heavy draft breeds, in the US are somewhat lighter in build and chestnut color with flaxen mane and tail, while the Brabant of Europe is massive and usually bay or roan