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I would love to wake up to that face every morning!

Chris Evans // Damn him and those eyes .

Chris Evans gifs

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Omg his gf/future wife is soo lucky. Wait that's meee lol! I mean look at that laugh ❤

Omg his gf/future wife is soo lucky. I mean look at that laugh ❤ <---- haha I know someone who literally looks exactly like him in this gif and all the facial expressions too

But I Knew Him

We're just three women who love Chris Evans and want to share his ridiculous adorableness with the rest of the world.

Chris Evans!!! So lovely~~~♡

You don’t hear the good things celebrities do for us little people often enough. Thank you for 45 seconds out of your day, that totally made my kids lives!

Steve Rogers || Captain America TFA || 245px × 190px || #animated

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he looks like he has mascara and lipstick on! I've always wondered why guys are SOOO good looking NATURALLY, often looking like they have makeup on, and girls have to pile it on?Do guys like natural gals?