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Seriously, why don't they teach us this in school!

Actually I DID learn about taxes in school. I took a special math class in school that taught math needed for real life. We also learned about budgeting (rent, bills, etc. It was pretty cool.

I need this shirt.  Or maybe just get this tattooed on my forehead.   :/    I'm not late, I'm on Mommy Time.

Image of Sorry I'm Late - PL Classics Collection (women). I love this shirt even though the only thing I am actually late for consistently is work.

Ha! Home Alone! <3

Merry Christmas ya Filthy animal - womens ugly christmas sweater t shirt reindeer holiday contest winner awesome

Harvard Law (just kidding) shirt

I dreamed of going to Harvard Law School my entire life, hahaha. this is perfect:)


to ] Great to own a Ray-Ban sunglasses as summer gift.Fashion and Vintage styles.

Where you will find me at parties...  (making friends with the resident animals, like a drunken Snow White) <3 | Gemma Correll

Funny pictures about Like a drunken Snow White. Oh, and cool pics about Like a drunken Snow White. Also, Like a drunken Snow White photos.