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Jack Petrash on TED about empowering children for the future through play, creativity, and art.

Educating Children For The Journey: Jack Petrash, Waldorf Teacher and author of Understanding Waldorf Education: Teaching from the Inside Out at TEDxRockCreekPark

▶ Teaching art or teaching to think like an artist? | Cindy Foley | TEDxColumbus

What is the purpose and value of Art education in the Century? Foley makes the case the Art’s critical value is to develop learners that think like Artists which means learners who are creative, curious, that seek questions, develop ideas, and play.

Math and Music Pt. 1/5; Making Math Meaningful series by Jamie York, Waldorf Educator

Jamie York, Waldorf math educator and author of the Making Math Meaningful series ponders the relationship between math and music.


The film "Learn to Change the World" shows people from around the world who work on the big pedagogical tasks of our time based on Waldorf/Steiner pedagogy.