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And I would add, forget the people who only have time to tell you about themselves and never answer their phone when you call to tell them by shopportunity

"Respect people who find time for you I'm their busy schedule. But love people who never look at their schedule when you need them. I only know of one person in my life who does either.

{Day 15: 2/23/13} SO TRUE! Haha, I got in an amazing afternoon nap because it was truly a sleepy Saturday what with the rain pouring over us in globe-sized buckets! (Okay, not really, but it has seemed that way over the past few days). Sleep + a great conversation with my soul sister= another great day!

Funny pictures about Dear sleep. Oh, and cool pics about Dear sleep. Also, Dear sleep.

Remember when

remember when we were young, how we couldn't wait to be grown up? Wow, were we stupid or what?


Passive Aggressive Humor

Not exactly inspiration, but hell yeah its funny! I do keep opinions to myself LOL

And then everyone looks at you strange because you can't talk and sit there clapping like a retarded seal...

Story of my Life! I do this, seriously, all the time. The worst part is: when you actually do finish the story and no one else laughs.

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The BOSS! "I'm The Boss!" The boss was complaining in our staff meeting the other day that he wasn't getting any respect. Later that morning he

Love you Sisters. The matching necklaces & wall hangings are in the mail!!

So true! And I have the Best sister in the world! Love you Amy R.

hahaha yes!!

Tall people problems : when your capris really should be considered shorts. LOL, so true!

I do this WAYYY too much haha

I do this only when I can't spell it close enough for spell check to tell me what I'm supposed to be spelling.

In the dark.

Funny pictures about Mostly Every Night Of My Life. Oh, and cool pics about Mostly Every Night Of My Life. Also, Mostly Every Night Of My Life photos.

 Need this at my office!

OMG need this for the ladies bathroom at work. I swear they don't know how to change it!

Local Lisa in BARCELONA

Women Are Angels. And When Someone Breaks Our Wings, We Simply Continue To Fly On A Broomstick We’re Flexible Like That ~ Clever Quotes