already want another one of these necklaces (i've worn the one i got pretty much every day since it arrived)

FIMO/polymer clay simple beads necklace

A bit of color and fun into a simple polymer clay necklace

É impressão nossa ou isto são rodas de SK8?

Orange and grey necklace, polymer clay necklace, beaded necklace handmade by rubybluejewels

NEW Handmade Polymer Clay Beads Necklace  Hand by CirkusCharm

NEW Handmade Polymer Clay Beads Necklace Hand by CirkusCharm

DIY Polymer Clay Beads | Easy tutorial on how to make beads from polymer clay. HandmadeintheHeartland.com

DIY Polymer Clay Beads

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Not quite cylinder drop beads make a necklace

Necklace / notTuesday Looks like it's made from Fimo, rolled into cylinders then skewered through the top.

Glittery Clay Geometric Pendant  How classy is this? This necklace looks so high-end that I bet your friends will think you got it from a very expensive store. Little would they know that it's simply a DIY geometic accessory. Go ahead and check out how to make your version!

10 Gorgeous DIY Geometric Accessories ...

This is a little big for me, but love the idea. Goin to try smaller pieces. Hopefully can find some.

DIY Proenza Schouler Scroll Necklace

Best DIY Ideas Jewelry: I totally need a drill! I am not sure if I would wear it as a necklace, but as a piece of art this would be awesome! DIY Fashion: 15 Amazing Necklace -Read More –