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40 things that make Corgis happy. My corgis love many of these things, especially: roadtrips, getting hugs, giving hugs, eating PB out of the jar, dressing up, and running through freshly cut grass

40 Things That Make Corgis Happy

Funny pictures about Special delivery. Oh, and cool pics about Special delivery. Also, Special delivery photos.

So cute :)

Pembroke Welsh Corgi originated from South West Wales. It is believed that the ancestors of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi were brought into W.

Corgi pawz!

Corgi Puppies My granddaughter's choice. I can't wait to puppy sit.

Corgi Puppies at Ten Weeks 31. I wish my job was to tend to corgis 24/7. #corgis

What your favorite dog breed says about you: Corgi people are quirky, but can also be kind of stubborn — they believe what they believe!

I'm so cute, I'm called cutieCorgi.......

What is this breed? ANSWER per Sherry Black Corgi. We can't see if this puppy has a tail, but if it has a tail, it is a Cardigan Corgi. If no tail, then it is a Pembroke Corgi. I have a 3 yr old Cardigan Corgi and she is tri-colored like this puppy.

Precious Puppy Corgi! | Curig FaerieTale Dusky Willow | ©Juliana du Pree, Curig & FaerieTale Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Mini Corgi Planter Pots

Corgi Puppies <3

16 Baby corgis that will explode your heart with cuteness: A baby corgi trio

I love how his little tounge is poking out!!

fluffy corgi puppy is the cure for the mondays--SO cute. had no clue they were this cute as puppies.