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Love his quote

 I never thought of this.

I never thought of this. 😂 I did but it's called the adventurous adventures of one direction

Hands down my fav part of the 1D movie

This is the best way to explain Harry!

Hahaha I laughed sooo much!

Bwahahahahhaha I am crying I am laughing so hard!!!!!

hahahahha this joke will never get old

I think thats selena in the piv

I heard it on tv today and like freaked out lol

Hahahahaha......i actually didnt notice this..im just going to pretend i did...haha oh harry..

I noticed that the first time I watched this and my jaw just dropped like okay maybe this is the wrong place to do that

Yes...I do that exact hand motion too

Y not at my door?

Harry styles. One direction. One direction funny.

Harry spraying himself with perfume

One direction humor

Haha I new that in middle school :)

Haha, sounds true enough.........look how old this picture is like oh my goodness! (:

"Why did the babon ask the giraffe: 'why the long face?' Because he thought his neck was his face" -Harry Styles he is so

Nobody ships Haylor>>> Hey everyone, go follow my chica @Nicole Novembrino Sammons!!! -Lyd :) <3

All I have to say is if Harrys happy then i'm happy. Also have anybody thought of how Taylor feels? Shes a person to and deserves respect!

One Direction growing up

one direction concert tickets 2012

Hahahaha. But I just dropped my phone cause at my concert I was standing on the chair cause I couldn't see and the light was right on me but not a spot light and Harry looked me right in the eyes for awhile too but I didn't say anything cause I thought no one would believe me so later my sister talked and was like I could've sworn Harry was starring at you but I never told her anything until after she said that!

pahaha some people just crack me up.

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oh harry, (gif)

You have to click the picture to get it oh Harry