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I do spend hours listening to music lol this sums up me perfectly! Xx

It is not "I could spend hours listening to music." It's "I do spend hours listening to music.

Yeppp, pretty much:))

I"d rather be behind the camera than in front of it. and thats who i am.

Ohhh yes! Hank, Cash, Nelson, Jackson, McGraw, Nichols and so many more.

I don't like country music at all, yet I love playing the guitar. Don't ask haha I have no idea either!

When you say them in public and people are just like what the heck are you talking about? And you laugh and feel bad not explaining but you don't want to explain because it's an INSIDE joke! Not and outside joke.

cant help but feel as though its my fault:/

I apologize for things that aren't my fault. And That's Who I Am -- I apologize way too much ;


I hate drugs! Illegal and prescription. Don't rely on a substance, deal with life!

just girly things rainbow - Google Search

Forget nail designs, I fail at simply painting my nails one solid color!

...and that's who i am. ❤ liked on Polyvore

One full brother & one half. I love then both so very much & wish I could see my half brother more often ❤️

and the end of the rebellious phase is acceptance that your kid is grown up

...and that's who I am.

Which don't happen by texting by the way. But I like deep conversations when the person is actually with me. I love a person that can hold a good conversation

#And That's Who I Am #Friends

My girl and guy friends. Especially by best friend and boyfriend. That's who I am.

Just the girly things

Little things I love, listening to music on road trips . just girly things