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A medium-sized gamebird in the grouse family, the Rock Ptarmigan is known simply as the ptarmigan in the UK. The rock ptarmigan is seasonally camouflaged; its feathers moult from white in winter to brown in spring or summer.



Scottish Red Grouse  http://raptorpolitics.org.uk/wp-content/gallery/grouse/red-grouse-portrate.jpg

Scottish Red Grouse (Lagopus lagopus scotica), is a medium-sized bird of the grouse family which is found in heather moorland in Great Britain and Ireland.



Torkean hilpea elainsanasto =D - (This is only fun if you understand Finnish..)

Torkean hilpea elainsanasto =D - (This is only fun if you understand Finnish.

Alaska's state bird, the Willow Ptarmigan is a bird in the grouse subfamily Tetraoninae of the pheasant family Phasianidae. It is also known as the Willow Grouse and in the British Isles, where it was previously believed to be a separate species, as the Red Grouse.

Reminded me another inspiration from AK that color change through the seasons isn't just in trees.


WholeDude- WholeDesigner - Photoperiodism: Rock Ptarmigan, Lagopus muta exhibits a seasonal change in its plumage coloration; it turns from brown to white during Autumn and Winter.

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世界は笑いに満ちている! “決定的瞬間”を捉えた「奇跡の一枚」19選

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