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20 Awesome Monkey portraits by photographer Jill Greenberg

Young Capuchin's

Young Capuchin's

22 Strange Animals - WTF Pictures | Webfail - Fail Pictures and Fail Videos

22 Strange Animals - WTF Pictures

22 strange animals--the naked mole rat on Kim possible=much cuter. I laughed so hard at the blob fish. It's just amazing how vast creation can be--all creatures great and small, weird and wonderful, the Good Lord made them all.

Here’s a cute photo of our baby Capuchin Monkey to help get you through the afternoon! www.zoo.org.au/melbourne

Our little Capuchin Monkey is a bit excited for Christmas!

I REALLY want a Capuchin Monkey!!!!!!

Are you looking to add a primate in your life? Ready to purchase a pet monkey? We sell capuchins, macaques, squirrel monkeys, marmosets, tamarmins and other species.

Фотография какое чудо!!! автор Ольга Гладышева на 500 пикселей

baby orangutan by Olga Gladysheva. Orangutans continue to be threatened by habitat destruction and the growth of palm oil plantations.

Stretching out my kinks

its so sad what we (humans) do to these intelligent loving creatures, please stop buying products that still do animal testing PLEASE,PLEASE, PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU.

Anger at bid to fly monkeys to Australia for Pirates of the Caribbean film. “Capuchin monkeys naturally live in large family groups in the rainforests of South and Central America and have complex physical and psychological needs. A film set is no place for such an intelligent, social animal and the life of a monkey ‘actor’ is sadly far removed from the life they should have."

Anger at bid to fly monkeys to Australia for Pirates of the Caribbean film

Petitioning Disney and 3 others Don't exploit monkeys for Pirates of the Caribbean Anger at bid to fly monkeys to Australia for Pirates of the Caribbean film

“This is my duck face”

Daily Tee: Big Face Baby Orangutan custom t-shirt design by themountain

Dusky Leaf Monkey & Young Brillangoer (Trachypithecus obscurus) Burgers' Zoo, Arnhem, The Netherlands Conservation status: Near threatened

4H1835: Baby Orangutan                                                                                                                                                                                 More

4H1835: Baby Orangutan

Funny Cheeky Monkey: Smile break image for the classroom brain break.

Everything, from nothing: Allah Most High and Powerful

Blue Tiger, Snow white tiger, golden tiger, so cool

To get this over with!

I love those blue tigers! Second fave is the white tigers. then the liger/tigon, then the golden tiger, then the snow white tiger!

Our orange buddies.

This is the type of orangutan that oranges is and how she symbolizes a motherly figure