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My  Pop Top Chainmail!

My Pop Top Chainmail!

is it bad that I thought of making that even before I saw the last picture? Lol<<I thought of chainmail immediately

I love captain literally!

Studio C - Captain Literally Matt Meese, Mallory Everton and Stephen Meek this skit is so funny!

Birthday Game hahahahah At least I'm stuck on an island with Edward Cullen.. This could be Love or Death....

Birthday Game

Handcuffed (for life) with a teletubby <<<< trapped in prison with Winnie the Pooh.<<< switch lives with Jackie chan

I love how we can just make a joke out of a tragedy just like that. But this stuff is FUNNY!

"I don't like the word 'impregnable', to much like 'unsinkable'." "What's wrong with unsinkable? Said the Iceberg to the Titanic.

This is so me

I was talking on my phone, talking to my best friend, and the entire time I was looking for it.I felt like an idiot.

Can't argue with the logic.

Post with 5104 votes and 613654 views. Sitting on a warm toilet seat feels like