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Aloysius Snuffleupagus, more commonly known as Mr. Snuffleupagus or Snuffy - Sesame Street - "imaginary friend" that was first seen in 1971

Funny pictures about The Little Rascals: Then and Now. Oh, and cool pics about The Little Rascals: Then and Now. Also, The Little Rascals: Then and Now photos.

I hid under your porch because I love you. I love this movie


Friendship, everybody. Oh my stars! A classic I shared with my 3 kids.My favorite! Printing and putting this somewhere is my house.'HEY U GUYS' 'GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE' My daughter's bffs ,aunt kerry(green) is in this movie.

hahahha I loved playing mash! now some of the school agers at work play it. So funny :)

Who doesnt love Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory and his catch phrase BaZnGa. These necklaces are inspired by the periodic table elements being used as

I've always wanted to do something like this with post its.

made of "hello, my name is." name tags. Hello my name is inigo Montoya you killed my father prepare to die.

15 Undeniable Style And Beauty Lessons From Miss Piggy

Loved Mr Bubble

I remember when they came in a box as powder! I remember the commerical. Your so clean your momma would know you and the grandma is not carrying the child from the tub.

just for David.... And a couple of others I can think of....

Oscar the grouch: Some people need a shock collar and I need the remote!

If you love someone let them sleep

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