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Principle: Art & Design Proximity in this picture the three "PAC-MAN" creates a relation between the three PAC-MAC to make a triangle illusion.

examples of closure - Bing Images

examples of closure - Bing Images

Week 4: Gestalt Principle of Figure/Ground- a principle of contrast, color, and size in a camouflaging way.

This image is dubbed "Sky and Water which is one of the most iconic Gestalt images ever created. It falls into several areas including similarity, proximity and continuity. The multiple and closely related images creates complex illusion at first glance.

Using Power Structure and Gestalt for Visual Hierarchy

Power Structure and Gestalt for Visual Hierarchy - Stolen from Angela.


Graphic Design I Project I Using Gestalt Theory (the whole is more than the parts) we were to make four separate compositions based on Closure, Continua.

Gestalt Theory - Closure by Amacina.deviantart.com on @deviantART

How does the viewer perceive this image? As a black circle over the lines or as white lines on a black background with gaps in between? It is common for a viewer to see the black circle first because it is a more dominant color.