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so glad my best friend owns horses

I always did this at the county fair but never on a "Big girl" horse out in an open field with the wind in my hair!

Done - August New Tribe Tattoo, Toronto, ON. Again in April Exotix Tattoos, Toronto, ON by Lemur. Skull with tulips.

[✔️] oh, I'm very committed to a number of tv series. there's one in particular, perhaps you've heard of it, called #supernatural. yeah, I'm committed.

Sealing Your Commitment To a Watch - FRIENDS, Supernatural, Sherlock, The Office. - The custom of responding with a watch after having received the ring has been practiced since ancient times in countries like Mexico and Spain.

Right after I get my license on the same day right after I'm gonna get my belly button pierced

Inspiring image before i die, bucket list, car, driving, license by awesomeguy - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

That would be so cool!

send a letter to a random address and see if they write back (that would be kinda fun). Some write back, some never do.

One day I'm going to sit is a field of clover until I find one with four leaves. Wanna join me? We might be sitting for a long time. :)

Actually I was given a four leaf clover by a kid, she was wishing me good luck. I hope it was bad luck for him.

To cover over the one on my lower back

I want to get a tattoo and if I do I know exactly what I would get and where it would go.

bucket list @Peaceluvtahla we should totally do this when you kidnap me in our footie pajamas

My brother, sister and I used to play a lot with blankets and forts. I need to play this with my niece too!

Visit Washington D.C. | Bucket List ooooohh I get to next year!! Yeah  woohoo!!

30 before 3 visit washington dc.


**Done** Invite someone without a family to a holiday dinner-Gerry came for thanksgiving this year Hoping to have him again for Christmas