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Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week

ramblingsofayoungman: “ Mom makes epic Doctor Who costume for son Everybody wants to be the Doctor, but unfortunately Matt Smith’s trademark tweed jacket doesn’t come in everyone’s size.

Crack in Space And Time Doctor Who Necklace in Brass NEW Galaxy Patina and Sterling Silver

I love subtle fandom jewelry that only the initiated would understand :) <--- crack in time necklace

too much cuteness for one picture.

This is so cute. Dying from the amount of adorable in this picture.

Apparently we missed the episode where the persona of the TARDIS entered the body of an alpaca...

This is the weirdest TARDIS cosplay we've ever seen

Doctor Who fans will love this cosplay that includes the Doctor and a llama dressed as the TARDIS!


"Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many." I definitely need to remember this everytime I think about getting older.

Dalek salt & pepper - The pewter ones seem to average $150. Surely someone will make a cheaper, and still awesome, alternative. Come on, etsy!

set of pewter Dalek salt and pepper shakers, by Asmortartz - Miller's Antiques & Collectables Price Guide

DOCTOR WHO - Ride-in Inflatable 128cm Dalek (Kids @ Play) #NEW

★ DOCTOR WHO - Ride-in Inflatable Dalek (Kids @ Play) (I want to get this and drive it to work.

This is how my children will end up like! This is why we will love Aunt Lindz!

Making Mini Tenth and Eleventh Doctor costumes. OH MY GOD, My children will be wearing these! ♥ too adorable!

TARDIS coffee mug. Could it get any better? Plus, do you realize how much coffee you could fit in this thing? Think about it.

buy Doctor Who Tardis Travel Mug on sale at Urban Collector. Travel with the TARDIS! This travel mug looks like the Doctor's TARDIS time machine in the


Doctor Who TARDIS Friendship Necklaces from Spiffing Jewelry. I need to get this for myself and my bestie. She is the doctor to my companion after all!

Dr. Who

The Doctor's Name. Doctor Who Necklace - The etched Gallifreyan text is the pattern on the cradle he had as a child, which is believed to be his name.<<If the TARDIS ever picked me up I would make sure I was wearing this just for kicks:)