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Soooo what's your guy's favorite dinosaur?:) just in case I run into a time machine in the near future.

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best daily odd compliment ever!

You have one of the brightest minds I've ever known. It's as if the sun looked a da Vinci and was like, "Sup, playa?" And then da Vinci wa all, "You wanna do this?

Why I shouldn't be left alone lol  Deployment stinks/Army Wife Life

I can't wait til we can hang out or talk again

@Amy Doll @nvestorgrl D @Melissa Scheffel @Carrie Jones @J Kam @Rebecca Marchel and Jen Green but I couldn't find your @Rebecca Anne. :)

Lyons Lyons Lyons Doll D D D D Squires Squires Squires Scheffel Mcknelly Mcknelly Mcknelly Jones Kam Childress Childress & Marchel and Jen Green but I couldn't find your Childress Childress & Anne.

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daily odd compliment BAHAHAH because nothing says, "I'm awesome," quite like a sloth.