brigitte bardot

Today, Brigitte Bardot celebrates her birthday. Here, a look back at the Gallic actress’s most memorable beauty moments.

Brigitte Bardot aboard a Riva Super Florida in Saint-Tropez

Italian Riva boats star of the Venice Film Festival: history and top models - Swide

Brigitte Bardot


BB Loved her during this era of her life.An international sensation that's for sure.

brigitt bardot black & white photo - Google Search

Brigitte Bardot - the ultimate beauty icon. LOVE her hair AND her eye makeup in this pic. And her lips? I don't think a description or comment is necessary. They speak for themselves quite well.

chapeau paille,femme moderne, photo blanc-noir

Le plus beau chapeau de paille en 60 photos!

Brigitte eighty.

still a beauty at almost eighty. I am so thrilled to see one of the original Sex Symbols. She doesn't have a frozen faced, plastic surgery laden look. She is indeed still beautiful.


Brigitte Bardot is the only woman outside of the women in my family who can wear the hell out a hat. These two photos are just so HER. I don't know how else to explain it. I wish more women wore hats. Hats attract and captivate. She rocked her sky!

Brigitte et sa jolie robe Tahitienne*

Brigitte Bardot - so obsessed with her hair vintage fashion style color photo print ad polynesian dress hawaii island girl vintage blue white