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Funny pictures about Guys should always retake girls' pictures. Oh, and cool pics about Guys should always retake girls' pictures. Also, Guys should always retake girls' pictures.

you have to watch this. I laughed so hard

Laughing is the best medicine. First of all, I love Ellen. Secondly, I love Ellen scaring people. Watch it.

unfortunatly, its true....

Hahahahaha although I don't introduce myself to cute boys cuz i am married!

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Wise, wise Cam.

"My husband and I rented 'Mama Mia', but I don't know that Meryl Streep was the right choice." "Excuse me, but Meryl Streep could play Batman and be the right choice." - I totally agree, Cam!

The fact that someone took the time to put this together is a little disturbing . . . but a decent giggle nonetheless. :)

They'll never have a girlfriend

before/after pics. will they or won't they grow up to have girlfriends? HAHA Dying over Neville, (holy hotness) George Clooney (um yesss), Mario LOL, and Justin Bieber!

This guy is hilarious... a not-so-happy twist to disney endings

Though i love disney movies this is too funny! This guy is so talented it's not even funny. Here he sings what happens to Ariel, Jasmine, Belle and Pocahontas after their Disney "happily ever after". After Ever After - DISNEY Parody

Horton Hears a Who!

Best part of the whole movie. "That's beautiful, Kate" she's my favorite character in the whole movie

haha I love this. I thought he was cute way back in his Even Stevens days.

shia lebeouf I have hallways had a huge crush on him ever since even Stevens lol