Feminist tattoo Thursday 3

If I didn't already have a feminist tattoo in mind, I'd get something like this

Ellen Hopkin's book "Impulse" is my favorite book of all time. I'll be getting this tattoo, without the lines, and a different placement, in tribute to that fabulous book.

Need… Money… TATTOOS!

Paper air plane :) I really like it because to me I see it as the paper plane representing my childhood and it flying in the air means I'm still going on.

because you are

There can be nothing more beautiful than the conviction to go through with a tattoo and the commitment involved.


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You 'n Me tattoo

Old school anchor tattoos like this girl's ink are cool because they typically have a neat design. This colorful, girly anchor tattoo is inked primarily in

@Taylor Healy

thinking a day of the dead russian nesting doll tattoo coverup on left foot.