Book cover series

ART DIRECTION LAYOUT i love the monochromatic design and water color texture Designspiration — Design Inspiration

Lettering Collection 2015 by Matti Vandersee on Typography Served.

lettering + calligraphy inspiration for hand lettering, illustration + typography projects


MITCHELL - TYPE BASED DESIGN - This design entirely typographic and uses no supporting imagery to convey the intent or message of the design work. This design uses long type lines to emphasize the word.

Tipografía bordada!!

Beautifully handmade type by Auckland, New Zealand based artist designer Briar Mark. She hand stitched all the type, and made a few jokes in the process.

via symmetrysymptom |

muchwow // graphic i love the effects added how it looks wavy streched out, reminds me of album covers ive seen before

Double Color Exposure - Photo Effects Actions

Double Color Exposure

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