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amethyst  color photography   the amethyst is a deep purple and the shade varies on the crystal

de Zumpango del Rio, Guerrero, Mexico - one of the longest, narrowest amethyst crystals I've seen.

Ajoite and Papagoite from Messina Quartz and Minerals

Ajoite is a hydrated sodium potassium copper aluminium silicate hydroxide mineral. Ajoite has the chemical formula and minor Mn, Fe and Ca are usually also present in the structure. Ajoite is used as a minor ore of copper.

Rainbow Fluorite, via Flickr.

Rainbow fluorite - from Most Amazing and Wonderful Natural Stones" Addendum by Sally -- My favorite Mineral!

Large Bismuth Metal Crystal, Iridescent, Fractal, and Unique. like a city in your hand. what beings live there...

The Many Paths to Heaven, Large Bismuth Metal Crystal, Iridescent, Fractal, Unique Art Sculpture via Etsy - by

quartz lémurien

"Lemurian Seed Crystal Cluster from Serra Do Cabral Mountain, Brazil! Holy crap, this thing is huge!

Small Violet Aura Quartz Crystal Points

Small Violet Aura Quartz Crystal Points

Violet Aura Quartz displays an exotic dazzling iridescent blues, indigos and violets created from permanently bonding Gold, Indium, Niobium vapors and other trace metals onto the purest Quartz.

rainbow tourmaline pendant | amazing facets!

Tourmaline: a dazzling array of colors… it can shock you (literally)

Watermelon tourmaline has been said to be a stone of reconciliation, a stone that fosters compassion and cool headedness, radiates the energy that attracts money, healing and friendship while stabilizing, grounding and reaffirming our Earth roots.