The atrocity of the torpedoing of the Australian Hospital ship "Centaur" by a Japanese submarine was a rallying cry for many Australians. Ww1 Women, Ww1 Posters, History Of Nursing, Avatarul Aang, Ww2 Propaganda Posters, Military Nurses, Ww2 Propaganda, Wwii Propaganda, 26 December

Australian Hospital Ship Centaur torpedoed – World War II Today

In that instant the ship was in flames ... we ran into Colonel Manson, our commanding officer, in full dress even to his cap and 'Mae West' life-jacket, who kindly said 'That's right girlies, jump for it now.' The first words I spoke was to say 'Will I have time to go back for my great-coat?' as we were only in our pyjamas. He said 'No' and with that climbed the deck and jumped and I followed ...


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