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AframeTrellis and other ideas for vertical gardening~ Vertical Gardening is a method of growing crops up a fence, trellis, or wall. Plants can be grown from the base of a garden bed or straight from the ground.

Vertical Gardening!  Make the Most of Your Space With a Vegetable Cage

Vertical Gardening!Make the Most of Your Space With a Vegetable Cage

Vertical Gardening: Simple Vegetable Trellises The Gardener | Apartment Therapy

Vertical Gardening: Simple Vegetable Trellises

"Easy-to-build A-frame trellis to support cucumbers, small melons, gourds and sugar snap peas. Plant crops that prefer cooler temperatures, including cilantro, lettuce and spinach in the space underneath the a-frame.

Gardening Tips ~ DIY Tomato Cages ‹ Her View From Home

Gardening Tips ~ DIY Tomato Cages

Growing potatoes,  Thompson and Morgan guide uk

Growing potatoes in containers is the perfect solution for small gardens, patios or even balconies! If you only have limited space in your garden read our potato growing guide to find out how to grow potatoes in containers.

A Copacetic Life: Strawberry Rain Gutters and Raves

This is some thing I"m actually really excited about. Ben picked up this idea one day when we were in Logan.

for vining plants

I'd love to build these for my garden! Vegetable Garden Glossary: "A-Frame - A structure that allows you to grow more than one variety of tomato or cucumber side by side, but its compact design doesn't take up much space in the garden.

How and When To Prune Lilacs: Tips on Pruning Lilacs For Bigger Blooms

How To Prune Lilacs For Bigger Blooms: Blooming in spring, lilac flowers are big, beautiful and fragrant, making the lilac one of the most recognizable. I just planted a lilac bush and fingers crossed my ends up with lots of blooms!

wooden pallet trellis for squash..definitely doing this..my roses would look lovely!

More Pallet Trellis Fun!

Here's a great idea for your garden. Take two old pallets an a couple pieces of wood and make a trellis for cucumbers, gourds or green beans. Add some drip irrigation and you have an Eco friendly, water saving garden!

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Tripod lashing & How to Lash Your Own Garden Trellises by vegetablegarderner: A square lashing is more efficient, more fun to tie, and usually stronger than making it up as you go along.

Vertical Gardening Techniques | Gardening Life | Scoop.it

Vertical Gardening Techniques

Vertical Gardening Techniques for Maximum Returns You can grow bigger, better cukes, beans, tomatoes and cantaloupes with simple, sturdy trellises. For trellis over garden path?

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