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klance, keiths knife oh lord << I don't ship them, but it is too funny not to pin

klance, keiths knife oh lord > it's a good things Lance had legs for days XD or he would be friggin dead right now

Voltron x Beach by SolKorra.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt >>> DAHAHAHAHA LANCE GIT UR BUTT OVER HERE AND PUT SOME REAL CLOTHES ON!

Lance FREAKING would tho>>>> it was so aesthetically pleasing Up until Lance in a speedo

I can't remeber the name of this fanfic, but its SOOOO cute💖

Isn't this taken from percy Jackson?

Isn't this taken from percy Jackson? --> XD who really cares this comic has been going for all sorts of couples

Lance- Damn are you Galra because your lips are out of this world. Keith- Yup.

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i mean klance isn’t my fav and i’d rather have mullet boy lance and awkward undercut shiro (haha get it because his new haircut from suCKs) but klance is still really nice oof + lance growing a mullet is so nice omg