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This is exactly how I explained highschool to my parents.Now this is almost how I explain my life. See you should be proud" lol

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Funny pictures about In the hot tub with two cute chicks. Oh, and cool pics about In the hot tub with two cute chicks. Also, In the hot tub with two cute chicks.

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The reality of girl sleepovers. Wow, it's been like 5 years since I've had a sleepover.

thats because he's my favorite person in the world <3

I love that RDJ sincerely loves children & takes time for them. The look on his face as as the little boy hugs him says it all. Now that is an awesome man!

Poor Captain Jack :( and it's Robert, Johnny-boy

Johnny Depp describing when Robert Downey Jr. came to dinner and Johnny's son, Jack, was in awe of Iron Man! THAT IS AWESOME!

How you eat in front of your crush . How you eat in front of your friends. So true

So me this year

Funny and Relatable! that means click it all the way to the video) that's like me nd my bestie lol>>>> what do you mean, "long time" I do this every day! Long time is like this

Girl on Her Period  Check out more funny pics at killthehydra.com

A girl on her period. Period jokes Make me laugh everytime. Probably because I'm a monster.

What I'm actually doing. ~ Loki...actually, my friends think I'm doing exactly what I'm doing; so does my husband.  LOL!

What People Think I’m Doing When I’m Not Answering My Phone… having date night with Loki on TV.---- not entirely realistic, since I have neither phone nor boyfriend, but I'm pinning it anyway!