Niall Horan. One, I almost have that same jacket. Two, I wonder what's on his hand.

Niall Horan in 'X Factor' Contestants in London

"The X Factor" contestant Niall Horan, of boyband One Direction, is visibly excited while leaving the rehearsal studios in London.

te quiero muchoooo

S I LOVE YOU (One Direction/Niall Horan Fanfiction) - Chapter Torn" by - "Isabella Stevenson is a 17 year old girl who lives in London. Her parents keep fighting so she decid…"

I constantly see people wearing his signature red polo and khakis, but he's the only one that really pulls it off.

Only he can pull of a buttoned up polo and still look sexy

Niall Horan- I love his smile in this picture.

the current poster of him in my room hahaa