These would be great for blogs or image creation. Handlettering, Typography |

i love these fonts. there isn't one i really don't like and i feel like that's rare? so this may give you a good idea of the types i like other than dasha~


Lovely contrast and detail. Tattly temporary tattoo by Menachem Krinsky.


Inspiration: Handlettering Sketchbook 2 by Jason Vandenberg, via Behance < Very nice styling. Love the caligraphy.

If you dream big enough, anything can come true. Just kidding, get back to work!

15 Snarky Quote Prints That Tell It Like It Is

If you dream big enough anything can come true. Just Kidding! "Get Back To Work" poster design by Virginia-based artist Drew Ellis

La beauté n'a pas d'âge

"Beauty Has No Age" from November Paris Vogue. Nothing is more beautiful to me than a woman fully embracing her years and where God has taken her.