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This is nature at it's best. The colours of the peacocks feather are amazing, and they really bring out the colours in the water droplets.

<p>Jelly oranges are my party trick. They’re simple to make and are big on the ‘wow’ factor. Putting jelly in oranges is so easy and I usually let the kids pick out their favourite coloured jellies but for our next party, I’m going rainbow. All the instructions for making jelly oranges can be found here […]</p>

Jelly oranges with rainbow flair

Rainbow Gelatin Orange Wedges (use sugar free jello; in the comments people suggested using Jello Jigglers recipe)

50 Perfectly Timed Photos

50 Perfectly Timed Photos

"Praying Mantis Riding a Bike" by photographer Tustel Ico. Indonesian photographer Tustel Ico captured this shot of a praying mantis 'riding' two sprouting ferns which look like a bike.

Les Hollandais sont passés par ce JARDIN

Eveland Flower garden Everland,South Korea's best theme park, four seasons garden

"A Dragon Fly ~ I-Spy ~ With Rain Droplets of July!"  (Written By: Lynn.)                           Photo: National Geographic:  Year: 2011.

National Geographic Grand-Prize Winner and Nature Winner, Photo and caption by Shikhei Goh. Arrows of rain seem to pelt a dragonfly in Indonesia's Riau Islands in "Splashing,” the winning image of the 2011 National Geographic Photography Contest.

Systema Saturnium...

COLOR MY WORLD In Africa and South America, the color for mourning is purple. In japan, however, purple likes to be mysterious. We imagine colors as the beauty in the chaos.

Stanton Fan Tail Peacock Figurine by Jay Strongwater at Neiman Marcus.

Stanton Fan Tail Peacock Figurine

PEACOCK~Jay Strongwater Stanton Fan Tail Peacock Figurine - Would make a beautiful brooch