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Princess Rooms - This industrial chic princess room could easily stay with a girl from childhood to adulthood with some minor changes of accessories. The tufted headboard and ornate bed looks vintage and pops beautifully against that sea foam green wall.

black chandelier all funked up in a relaxed it.

photo from domino magazine I like the unique idea of painting the cabinets and the walls the same color. Also love the unexpected black glass chandelier in the pastel kitchen.

I will own a pink tractor before I die!

I'll take you for a ride on my big pink tractor. We can go slow or maybe go faster. Out through the woods or down pastor. Take you for a ride on my big pink tractor. - Jason Aldean- He thinks my tractor's sexy!

if I didn't already have super cool black chandeliers, this might be on my list... could work in my bedroom?

Wow Factor: Turquoise Chandeliers

Perfect ceiling medallion and turquoise chandelier. Love the medallion idea and love the color of the chandelier, but not crazy of the chandelier.

Oh one day I will use all of my white antique furniture that sits in storage and put this in my purple and white lovely antiqued guest room!

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Cinderella Crystal Chandelier

Cinderella Chandelier with Pink Crystals and Nursery Lighting Kids Room in Lighting : Chandeliers at PoshTots

Say it isn't so... a giant neon chandelier?? Yes. Yes, please.

Grab your sunglasses, because today we’re visiting a summer color. Summer makes me think of key lime pie. And yes I know key limes are yellow. But it tastes like lime and lime is … you know, the color lime … So c’mon … Continue reading →