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I wish more people practiced the art of "pretending". My world would be sooo.much better;

Oh so true!  I know several Princesses like this.  And they are all saying:  "Off with his head!'

As a woman, I feel too deeply and care too much. That's what makes my love so strong. That's also what makes me a real bitch if you fuck with me [or my family]. Sorry for the language!


For all those that love to share the drama. Ever thought you have to share it on FB because you know in real life people just don't care to hear you moaning again?

I'm not anti-social.  I'm selectively social.  There's a difference.

I'm not anti-social. I'm selectively social. VERY selective.

I love you wine

last night sitting on the couch with my husband I said, 'I love you.' he asked, 'is that you or the wine talking?talking to the wine. Love you babe!

This pin is dedicated to the Roly-Poly Little Bat-Faced Girl who has no idea that "You Can Call Me Al" runs through my head when I see her. Also dedicated to the Oompa Loompa. (I'm going to hell).

Hahaha 😂 So true! That used to be a favorite past time for me and a friend at the gym: making up nicknames for people. Ya gotta do something to pass the time!


Just listen to Mommy! someecards yarnvixen Just listen to Mommy! someecards Just listen to Mommy!

#Pinterest eecard

This is pretty much what I told anyone I invited. I'm a Pinaholic!

I'm not always right but when I am it's usually all of the time

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FAT Truth #5

Whoever said "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" has clearly never had cupcakes. Or chocolate. Or pizza. Nothing in this world beats the taste of chocolate, nothing.