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A daisy does not pretend to be like a rose. Be true to yourself. LO


Black and white daisy captured by Ansel Adams in This photo shows the flowers texture and has a hint of depth of field incorporated.>>> i love ansel adams' photos

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Despite how open, peaceful, and loving you attempt to be, people can only meet you as deeply as they've met themselves.

Trying so hard to remember this as a friend I thought I was close to hurts me by slowly pulling out of my life and I have no clue why. Trying to lean into God and remember not to take people's hurtful actions personally.

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Ideas from 20 planters from my neighborhood! Over 20 flower planter ideas from my neighborhood!

Visit http://tinybuddha.com for more inspiration!

Visit http://tinybuddha.com for more inspiration!

Beautiful combination of marble and glass penny round mosaics. Perfect for a contemporary or modern feel. Shop these tiles and more at TileBar.com!

This beautiful combination of marble and glass penny round mosaic, with it's blend of Ming Green and mirrored glass, will leave any room with a contemporary and modern feel.

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20 Journal Questions for Self-Love

The best place to start practicing self-love is in your mind! Read about the 20 journaling questions to help you find your authenticity and self-love.