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Kissing Koolers!  Wow, totally forgot about these!

Maybelline Kissing Koolers - I had forgetten about these until now! Holy blast from the past.I had the Watermelon Flavor---ha!

Malibu Barbie, Francie and Skipper Mattel Vintage 1971 -- I had all three of these!

Malibu Barbie, Francie and Skipper Mattel Vintage 1971 -- I had all three of…

We used a lot of it, never was sure it worked well.

I can remember the tears as my mother forced an afro comb through my hair, no more tears my .

AVON CALLING!.....I was obsessed with these as a child...from the moment I saw this box...I knew what I wanted to become and do for the rest of my life. ...a professional master class makeup artist..

I remember these avon lipstick samples! My mom sold Avon when I was young.she had these little lipsticks in her samples.

Good old Dippity-do

Dippity-Doo I remember this all to well awwwwwwwwwwww my mom used the pink kind with my saturday night 'pin curls' for church in the morning !

Noxema jar with original paper label. The label does have some discoloration and is puckering slightly in spots. The jar is in good

Noxema Skin Cream - cobalt blue glass jar with metal lid.I think this style of jar was my family used Noxzema as a cure-all for sunburn, chapped skin.any skin problem really. If Noxzema couldn't fix it, it couldn't be fixed. My mom still uses it.

colorforms from 1960s | ... Pop Culture from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s: 12/01/2008 - 01/01/2009

I had this Raggedy Ann Colorform set. I loved Colorforms! --colorforms from

Some of these buttons are just like the ones that are in my mom's button box that I've kept.

Omg these were my favorite on the playground!

You don't see these on playgrounds anymore or see-saws/teetertooters or monkey bars or------I remember getting hurt falling off one of these, but I loved playing on it.

The Best Beauty Products of All Time

The Airspun Face Powder reminds me of my Mother. The Beauty Hall of Fame: Hundreds of experts agreed on these 26 best beauty products of all time. Dove and Vaseline test on animals

Electric Youth by Debbie Gibson Revlon for women.. my 1st perfume in high school :) (want to buy online but people said the smell is not the same with the old one).

Debbie Gibson - Electric Youth perfume my sister had some of this i loved the smell!

Als je dit doosje omdraaide, hoorde je het geluid van een loeiende koe

Turn this over and it made a moo sound! I think I remember this from the church nursery when I was little.

hated wearing these

I freaking LOVED my stirrup pants! With long sweaters and ankle boots, that was my wardrobe statement in the >>> Stirrup Pants