Explore Fried Spam, Canned Ham, and more!

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Back in the day when you had to use a key to open a can of Spam :), coffee. canned hams.

Vintage Holly Hobbie/ this was what my room was when I was little... I loved it!

This brought back lots of memories, I loved my Holly Hobby doll! {k} Absolutely loved Holly Hobbie as a child!

No home was complete without a burn barrel

Burn Barrel ~Loved the smell of leaves burning in the fall. When I think of what was burned here, I remember that in the and early we had no plastic wrappings, all foods came in paper.

Captain Kangaroo...with Mr Green Jeans, Moose, Dancing Bear...

Boy, I'll say, I loved Captain Kangaroo every morning. I remember when I was young, one time my mother was wanting to dress me for the day and I said."Not in front of Captain Kangaroo".funny how I remember that so clearly.

Woolworth Menu (circa 1950)

Diner menu from Woolworth's five & dime lunch counter in the Note the prices. I used to love to have lunch at Woolworth's on Church St.

"He likes it! Hey, Mikey!" Quaker Oats Life Cereal campaign, written by  Edyth "Edie" Vaughn  Stevenson of Doyle Dane Bernbach. The ad campaign was one of the longest in history, running from 1972 - 1986. "Mikey" was played by John Gilchrist. The other two boys in the commercial were played by Tommy and Michael, his real-life brothers.

Life cereal commercial starring Mikey - "Let Mikey try it. Hey, look, he likes it! Mikey likes it!

PE Never could climb those ropes.

Rope Climbing in Elementary School Gym Class. I was okay at it, but girls had to wear dresses ever day to school so we wore shorts underneath but that did not prevent rope burn


Cartoons on Saturday Morning Speed Buggy! I watched this cartoon on Saturday mornings! One of my favorite Bugs Bunny cartoon

Learning to write in cursive - Can you believe many schools aren't even teaching this anymore? These kids will never be able to read Grandpa's love letters to Grandma or, I don't know, silly little things like the original copies of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Cursive writing ~Old School.Loved learning to write cursive. My second grade teacher taught this. I still take pride in my writing.

Rubber pants to cover cloth diapers. We used cloth for about two days, then it was, screw the budget, and the environment.

Every one of my kids wore cloth diapers and rubber pants. Before the day of disposable diapers, cloth diapers were pinned on and then covered with waterproof pants which were referred to as "rubber pants.

cracker jack surprise toy package - with a real toy in it. Not a paper thing of some kind. A TOY!

Brach's Milk Maid Royals. My grandma always had these in a candy dish on her coffee table. LWB

My grandma always had these in a candy dish on her coffee table, and orange slices too.

MASH - oh, gosh!  I forgot about this fortune telling game...loved it back in the day  :)

MASH Game (the fortune-telling game of pre-teen girls in the & MASH stands for Mansion - Apartment - Shack - House. This was a daily thing!

Old Phone

Vintage Crosley Phones - Antique Telephones for sale