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Clutter is stuck energy. The word clutter derives from the Middle English word clotter, which means to coagulate - and that is about as stuck as you can get.

How To Find Your Confidence (+ 20 Day Self-Love Challenge) | self confidence tips, confidence building, self love affirmations, self love for women, self confidence quotes

How To Find Your Confidence (+ 20 Day Self-Love Challenge

How To Find Your Confidence ( 20 Day Self-Love Challenge) self confidence tips confidence building self love affirmations self love for women self confidence quotes

People meant to be in your life. Gravitate towards you no matter how far they wander

What makes you happy? #inspiration #motivation happy women quotes, happy womens day

Make a list of things that make you happy. Make a list of things you do every day. Compare the lists. Adjust accordingly. alles für Ihren Stil - www.

Are We Not Better Than Them???

Are We Not Better Than Them???

It's so important to constantly remind ourselves of what we do have and not only that, but also be thankful for those things. In short, be happy with what you've got!


SWEDISH PROVERB "He who buys what he does not need steals from himself." Need to remember this.

Beautiful has nothing to do with looks...

You are amazing . you are beautiful . the way you make me feel proves to me That you are the most beautiful woman on (My) earth

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Best 15 Positive Life Quotes Bring a smile to a stranger’s face at least once a day and no matter what else happens, that day will have been worthwhile. Remember that everyone who is successf…

Amen! Thank you Jesus

God works the night shift, not you! Don't spend another sleepless night trying to figure out your issues, trust that the Lord is working it out.