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Dog Riding the Bike. Riding a bike - so easy your dog could do it?

Obstrução urinária de Temer pode ser causada por próstata, pedra e infecção

Obstrução urinária de Temer pode ser causada por próstata, pedra e infecção

ha ha ha Funny canine

Start Your Day With a Smile

this dog looks so happy (or suffering from brain freeze? it makes me smile :) >he fuckin looks like snoop dog.


12 Dogs Who Are A Pig's Best Friend

Does your dog sleep between you, under the covers, with his head on the pillow? The dog who wants to sleep on your bed isn’t trying to take over the world.

Oh my goodness, the one in the planter! My childhood best friend (dog), Brownie, ALWAYS slept in a planter just like that one! ❤️

I love dogs so much...

12 Dogs That Can Sleep Anywhere, In Any Position. ~~ Love the one with the Bassett Hound.body is in the big flower pot and his head is in the little flower pot!

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Funny pictures about Real life Scooby-Doo. Oh, and cool pics about Real life Scooby-Doo. Also, Real life Scooby-Doo photos.

I think I'm in the experimental phase... if a souped up vintage Peugeot can be considered experimental. It is unique!

Cycles of Life

Funny pictures about Cycles of Life. Oh, and cool pics about Cycles of Life. Also, Cycles of Life photos.

Goat me smilingإعرف صاحبك، و سيبه (NO POINT IN TRYING TO CHANGE PEOPLE)   +++ طبخ السم دواقه !!!    إنما للصبر حدود !  يا روح أمك ! الصبر حرق الدكانه !  أصبر على الرُزِّ حتى يشيط !!!  شيلنى ! أشيلك   +++ إبقى قابلنى ! +++  إحيينى النهار ده !  و موتنى بكرا    +++ هذا جناه أبى علىَّ !  وما جنيتُ على أحد (أبو العلاء  المعرى الشعر الأعمى الزاهد)   +++ ALCOHOL/MISERY LIKES COMPANY من  شاف بلاوى الناس، هانت عليه بلاويه  ╬ ‴﴾﴿ﷲ ☀ﷴﷺﷻ﷼﷽ﺉ ﻃﻅ‼ ♡༺✿༻ ﷺﷺ✨♚Ϡ ₡ ۞ ♕¢©®°❥❤�❦♪♫±البسملة´µ¶ą͏Ͷ·Ωμψϕ϶ϽϾШ

GOATS ON BICYCLES IN AFRICA~Interesting site of bicycle transportation & modifications in Africa.Ha, this is a goaty back, or a goat piggy back, lol!