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Cinderella by Tom duBois ~ Cinderella is one of a series of five created by duBois.The artist captured Cinderella at her most magical moment. Look for the hidden characters. They are all around you, Cinderella!

Disney Princesses Bookmarks: Merida by hart-coco on deviantART

This week's Princess Disney bookmark features Merida from Brave! More: Disney Princesses Bookmarks: Merida

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The Wind. Art Print by Alice X. Zhang- Gotta love an artist's interpretation of classic Disney or other favorite movies!

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So, supposedly Fa Mulan was a real person, but I'm looking to hang out with the character from the Disney animated movie.

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[Broomsday event]The Sorcerer's Apprentice conjures a colorfully chaotic ''Sorcerer Symphony'' on this Mickey Mouse giclée by James Coleman recreating the memorable scene from Walt Disney's classic Fantasia.