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try it!! Not hard not hard at all still holding my breath!

woah this is hardddd!) << Not really! <<ikr <<< not hard>>> kinda hard.when your trying not.to laugh!

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The whole 90% thing is a lie. It's actually pretty slim that that would happen but ya know. You can go ahead and hope.

These stupid chain posts are just Minotaur schist made up by some idiot with no life who wants to feel like they have control over you. You have no obligation to repost this. I however am reposting this just in case

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>>Louis the tommo!>>>>luke hemmings>>Nutella>>liam payne>>Louis's mom and sister (Lottie)>>>TO THE EDDSWORLD BOARD>>>omL it tOrd

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DON'T STOP RE- PINNING! Pinterest I hope you get this we really should do this

From now on I am pinning everything in a random board, because I have no idea which board of the stuff I pin goes.