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Maid of Honor invite. Because only your best friends would hold your dress while you pee.

My son wil b holding this

here comes the bride sign available at Simply Southern Marketplace, so cute for the ringbearer to carry (little brothers)

I think I want this read at my wedding

I don't read Nicholas Sparks because the Romance genre is not my thing, but I have found the truth in this quote. Marriage is hard, but worth every second.

Why pay a wedding planner when there's an app for that? I'll be glad I pinned this some day.

Why Pay A Planner When There’s An App For That? 6 Wedding Apps For Busy Brides. Although I will still get a planner ;

How to give the ultimate maid of honor speech- Although I'll probably never be a maid (matron) of honor.

The Ultimate Maid of Honor Speech

how to give the ultimate maid of honor speech - great tips. Gonna have to give a MOH speech next year @ my sister's wedding. Hopefully I can come up with a good one. Better start writing it now.

10 Bachelorette Parties That Don’t Involve Strippers

Things to do for a bachelorette party if going to clubs isn't your thing. ASHLEY/ME: Sooo, I want to have a bachelorette day. spa day, brunch, and get dressed up to go out, then come back and have awesome sleepover!

This is BRILLIANT. For the wedding party, so everyone knows where everyone is - or where they should be!

wedding party schedule - this is a MUST HAVE. I sent one out a few months ahead of time to the WIVES of the Groomsmen! This is a great idea to share with the guests of those in the wedding party as well. Gives them an idea of the timeline for the day.

Bridesmaids By The Numbers. This is why I'm gonna try to combine trips for my maids (shower and bacheloret party the same weekend)

Bridesmaids By The Numbers

Bridesmaids by the Numbers Infographic Maybe I'm wedding obsessed, maybe not. (I definitely am.

cute way to ask bridesmaid

Bridesmaids: Creative Ways to Ask Your Girls!

Very true.

I have a wedding album on Pinteres, and I'm not even close to being engaged. oh well. I will be engaged soon, possibly, maybe.

Wedding checklist

printable wedding checklist wedding planning wedding planner calculator spread sheet home life weekly - 11