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Rainbow Madness: Introducing The Double Rainbow Cake recipe

The best rainbow cakes are simply gorgeous for weddings, birthday parties and kids parties. Cakes Inc brings you our favourite rainbow cakes for your party.

To go with the rainbow cupcakes! Reminds me of a jello rainbow trifle I saw Katie Brown do once.

I have to remember this "art gallery party" idea for a few years down the road. It's so cute (but would be better with older kids).

Teeny Tiny Rainbow Cakes (this one is safe - I pinned directly from the site after finding most others had warnings when tried to repin)

Teeny Tiny Rainbow Cakes

Teeny Tiny Rainbow Cakes What 's better than a cupcake, you ask? How about a Teeny Tiny Rainbow Cake?

Rainbow Layered with Sprinkles on Top

Rainbow cake- This would be a fun smash cake for the first birthday since it's so small and colorful by aisha

Rainbow Cake with Jelly Beans #coloreveryday

Rainbow Cake with Jelly Beans. I have seen rainbow layer cakes before but the jelly beans are BRILLIANT!

This picture is an example of color. The slice of cake is very bright and colorful. The sprinkles on top against the white frosting contrast. The bright colorful cake is placed on a dull pink polka dot platter which draws attraction to the vibrant layers in the slice of cake. The bright colors create a happy mood.

Beautiful Cake Pictures: Dotted Pastel Flowers : Birthday Cupcake, Cupcakes, Cupcakes With Flowers

Rainbow Cake / Cupcakes

Loving right now - Rainbow baking inspiration!

I like this cake idea to make a PINATA. Rainbow Cake / Cupcakes - would be pretty, even if we only used 3 or 4 color layers (Red, pink, purple, turquoise?) to go with Elmo/Abby theme!

the little epicurean: Rainbow Cake - I know someone who made this - it took them days.....but it was beautiful!

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow cake with an Italian Buttercream - this has a recipe. Corey wants a rainbow wedding cake.