Gel Nails.  Good length and shape, and I like how the tips are glittery.

My CalGel Experience at Sakura Nail and Spa

For gel nails. If you don't have gel nails, you could paint the your nails a base color of clear, then add a blob of any colored glitter to the tip of you nails. Then, using a facial sponge, dab at the blob to creat a soft blend.

Burned Nails! Lol! nails-nails-nails

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using any polish of your choice, pour onto a flat surface, take one of those spongy eyeshadow applicators and dip into the polish, dab the polish on your nail concentrating at the tip and moving slightly upward. put a topcoat over the entire nail.

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Mani Monday Manicure using China Glaze Champagne Kisses and L'Oreal So Chic nail polish

Essie Bobbing for Baubles  | See more nail designs at! minus the rhinestone

Essie… Bobbing for Baubles // HoloGradient

nail art nail design for short nail

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Acrylic and with  gel nail design

Acrylic and with gel nail design - Cant go wrong with pink and grey

New Water Marble Nails for 2014 style

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