MY, the colours of Heather <3

Such pretty heather photo by Christopher Burkett, Summer Heather Garden, California, 1998

Mohn und Kornblumen (poppies and cornflowers)

Mohn und Kornblumen (poppies and cornflowers) -- would like these outside more door

Lupin field. I am in lone whit this place <3

I automatically think of Alana when I look at this picture. Purple is her favorite color and I know she would Love this!

Wildflowers - bluebonnets, indian blankets, black-eyed susans

Lady Bird Johnson - she is the person responsible for all of the wild flowers being spread along the ROWs in Texas - She gave birth to the "Don't Mess With Texas" movement. Thank you Lady Bird

Olaf College has restored over 150 acres of native prairie on College owned land that has been farmed in corn for decades