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(2) My Ex is a Whore

lmfao Im not saying shes a slut, but Im pretty sure I saw her vagina on Dirty Jobs.

It happens alllll to much! Yes, I have a window. No, I don't need 50 people to say "Oh, look! It's snowing!"

Weather watcher

This made me laugh bc it reasonably assumes that everyone who works in an office has windows.however, I work in an office without windows.not even joking.

Ha ha ha ....

You can only be my friend if you are crazy, so I can judge you with my best friend.

funny best friend memes

25 Funny Best Friend E-Cards -

Gotta do it soon @Emily Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Weichman

{'I'd like a Diet Coke please.' 'Is Diet Pepsi okay?' 'Is Monoply money okay?'} My feelings exactly

i have a crazy sense of humour....

"I'm the type of girl who busts out laughing." also at things that had happened days ago.


I hate when I'm tired and sleepy, but when I go to bed my body says Just Kidding. Seriously, what's up with that?

Is this you in the car? #carmemes

Car Memes

"I don't always dance and sing at the top of my lungs when blasting music in the car, but when I do, I make sure to 'act normal' at stoplights. unfortunately i'm still crazy at stoplights haha

one of my favorite memes-I always turn down the radio when stuff gets real

When you're driving and realize you're lost, so you turn down the music like 'Shhh, Luke Bryan. I can't shake it for you right now, I'm lost'. Not the lost part but the I can't shake it right now lol