..but if there is even the slightest chance... sometimes even if it all seems hopeless... for your love I will endure anything... because the pain of a day, a week, a month, even years... that moment you smile at me, I forget it all... and only think of you... that instance when I feel like I'm breathing for the first time, and I feel so invigorated, as I lose myself in that smile...

I only want to bring value and joy to your life. I want you to be Soooo happy. There is a big difference between having an emotional connection/bond. And a real loving, physical, relationship.

That lump in your throat

like me I hate for people to see me cry in general . so there's times where u have to hold back the tears 😢

"yeah I bet the vulture things are saying 'yeah so hyped for the distruction of the humanity " Marco said sarcastically


You are much stronger than you think. Lila Symons’s hand-lettering and cal­lig­ra­phy work


My parents ways told me to stay away from the "punk/alternative" kids.look at me I practically am one.my parents told Me "never smoke" again look at Me.today I stole a fucking pack of cigarettes from my step mom because she's got 5 packs.



A Truly Happy Person … 1. Is able to experience a whole range of emotions. He or she is authentic and doesn`t wear a mask. They don`t always seem upbeat, or are never, ever down. Also they don’t project their moods and their feelings onto others, or blame other people if they’re having a bad day.  2. Is able to appreciate the beauty of others, and is happy for them when successes come their way. They are someone who’s secure in their own identity - and doesn’t need to criticise, or want…

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