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Portraits of a beautiful 3 legged greyhound Love this.my Cody had the same leg amputated. Still miss my handsome boy.

Chloe, an adorable Italian Greyhound.

Instagram Post by curoan (@curoan)

Photograph Window light by Elke Vogelsang on 500px

Black and white portrait of a greyhound/dog in window light Stretched Canvas by Elke Vogelsang

I have an Italian Greyhound and have considered adopting/rescuing a big one. Some friends of mine who own big one's said that they are the LAZIEST dog's! I think my little IG would really keep the large one in shape!   03739926ac72767b240b29109ef4d710.jpg (540×720)

Greyhound and Italian Greyhound Big dogs, small dogs, tall dogs, short dogs, all sighthounds are wonderful!

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My Greyhound, Allie, smiled like this too! The Greyhound smile because life got so good after getting adopted!

Saving Greys - Rescued greyhound Flak living the good life in Texas

Saving Greys - Rescued greyhound Flak living the good life in Texas Let's do this for the Greyhounds in Arizona and any state that endorsed the cruelty and enjoyment of racing them for money.


A little girl IG! If this one was mine I would name her “Luna” which is perfect considering that is the Italian word for moon!

Greyhound. don't buy from breeders when there are AMAZING dogs out there who are euthanized if they don't get adopted.

Keep Calm and Adopt a Greyhound Decal. Proceeds are split with the Retired Greyhound Trust & Portsmouth Retired Greyhounds. love-at-first-sight-hound


Thinking about adopting a greyhound? They ironically need very little exercise and are big couch potatoes, perfect for apartments. They also don't shed or bark that much. Plenty of retired racers need good forever homes. (I want to adopt a retired racer)