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Love the background.

Bison (aka Buffalo or Tatanka) in front of the Tetons. The Grand Tetons Mountains are in Wyoming, USA. I want to see wild Bison in my travels!


This "Elephant chasing lions" image is a painting by Daniel Smith, named "Zero Tolerance"

Squirrel struggling to get groceries into the house #Animals | #Wild

Its amazing how God has created the animals to know when it is time to gather the nuts for the winter

hip hop ninjah

God's not dead. Living on the inside roaring like a lion. God's not dead He's surely alive.


Buffalo Mom and Baby. Awesome pin, my Dad & Mom use to raise buffalo's & nothing cuttier than a baby buffalo.


King of the jungle, lion on a rock, king of the beast, lion

Time to go! A huge, angry bison charges at the photographer in a wildlife park in Ontario, Canada

Charge! The heart-stopping moment an angry bison decided to assert its dominance and hurtle towards photographer

THIS IS the moment an angry one-and-a-half tonne bison decided to assert its dominance by charging directly at a stunned photographer. Luckily for local photographer Marc Latremouille he was able to take the heart-stopping shot from the safety of his car