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The Kissing Bug Can Cause Chagas Disease

The Kissing Bug Can Cause Chagas Disease

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Kissing bugs carry Chagas disease that can infect humans and pets. This link has photos of kissing bugs and imposters and details on what to do if you find one.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a deadly bug has been reported in southern regions of the United States. You should be extremely careful. Even though the bug looks harmless,…

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triatomine_stages_lg--What is Chagas disease?  Chagas disease – or American trypanosomiasis – is spread through blood-sucking bugs called “kissing bugs” because they feed on people’s faces at night. The researchers say it affects seven to eight million people worldwide.

‘Kissing bug disease’: What Canadians need to know about Chagas

CDC - Chagas Disease - General Information - Vector Information-- cause of cardiomyopathy (heart failure).

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Researchers at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have confirmed that Morgellons is a real disease.

ER Nurses Care- The most common symptoms can be fever, rash, joint pains, conjunctivitis (redness of the eyes) , muscle pain and/ or headaches possibly.

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Without early treatment, Chagas disease can cause heart failure. Learn more. http://healthbeat.spectrumhealth.org/illness-from-kissing-bug-now-widespread-in-u-s/

Illness from 'kissing bug' now widespread in U.

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Pourquoi manger de l’avocat ?


Attention : si vous les trouvez chez vous, appelez immédiatement un médecin !

The deadly Chagas disease is on the rise, and the insects that transmit venture northward in the warming climate.

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The Burdock plant is related to the Dandelion and Echinacea family. The seeds, greens and roots were used by the ancient Greeks as a medicine to heal many common ailments. The root is mainly used in today’s Burdock health supplements. Very scary plant.