J'adore utiliser des grandes dalles d’emmarchement pour créer des escaliers, cela donne un effet aérien à l'ensemble. Découvrez toutes les solutions pour créer un escalier dans votre jardin :

Stone steps lead to this modern gazebo set within this rainforest garden. Take a book and relax!

My kind of tree swing.

Make a comfortable swing with pillows - 10 DIY Adorable Tree Swings

my humble home

outdoor candle chandelier, hang from tree in yard and place table and chairs under it for romantic outdoor dining area

a great spot ♡

Décoration terrasse d'esprit bohème – 25 idées originales

Boho chic interiors are very popular because they are bright, colorful and with their special charm. Today we’ve gathered a bunch of cool boho chic terrace

hanging chairs

Loving these hanging wicker egg chairs! And I just so happen to have a huge tree in our backyard that needs 1 or 2 of these.

Cocoon 1 personal modular pod by Mikasa Lab

You can sit in the rain and read so cool! - Micasa Lab Cocoon 1 is a sit in, chill in, relax in, live in bubble with reconfigurable cushions to really personalize the space


Porch and swing from a stone-country-contemporary vacation home built in the heart of the Corsican maquis. "An Arizona air base on the mediterranean.