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How I See Myself on PMS

PMS - That's a true man, not a coward that runs away when PMS starts.

uterus transplant, husband much more understanding, pain,   period

If endometriosis affected men, doctors WOULD of found better treatments by now.

OMG.  This is me when I play the SIMS for too long.... But if I don't play, I start to miss my virtual (kids? avatars? boyfriends? ) neighbors more than I will admit to anyone other than another SIMS player....

That Awkward Presence That Haunts You

Obligations should just be titled "law school" there's no such thing as free time

Lol! Been there!

How You Know When You're PMSing a ha ha ha so true. This is more when I wake up from a nap then PMSing. But I'm a girl so it works

Funny pictures about Thoughts During PMS. Oh, and cool pics about Thoughts During PMS. Also, Thoughts During PMS.

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Taco: Do You Want To Taco 'Bout It? Nacho Chip: It's nacho problem. Jalapeno: That dude was jalapeno business. Nacho Chip: Right?

Aint it though

I always try to count the shots while I'm watching on imgfave


Free and Funny Friendship Ecard: Go on, act like a fucktard when I have PMS. I dare ya!

If men had to suffer with PMS cramps, we would NEVER have a day of peace. Hell, most of them think they are dying when they get the common cold.

Haha. I can laugh about this because I have been taken for granted in relationships, but it's good to laugh at the world.

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Er' day

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