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I am always interested in trying things out. Recently I have had the idea to build a small Raspberry Pi cluster, both as an exercise but…

Setting up a Raspberry Pi cluster

20 Parenting Humor Pictures you should not miss

20 Parenting Humor Pictures you should not miss

Built-In Bluetooth Audio Setup

Free Built-In Bluetooth Audio Instructional

Michelle and Olivia Parody

Triggers my friend the call them triggers. Getting pass them is the key.

Sleeptalk stories


Michelle and Olivia Parody

If you're dating my best friend then you're dating me too because I probably type out half of her arguments & cry when she cries.

George-Lucas-Disney: for some reason he looks sad to me...

Disney programme le 7e épisode de Star Wars pour 2015

Hate is too strong for me. But it's so true.people influence you're baby naming process.

Edad de bronce 1500 ac Germania

Oxcart on secondary road in Dragon Pass or South Peloria. The wagon is carry leather hides to be worked. Actual source: Bronze Age road discovered near Öchlitz, Germany, circa 1500 BC.

Adair Lion: Ben

BEN - Adair Lion (Texas Rapper Makes "Gay is Okay" Song) video is kinda confusing